Cosmetic Dermatology to acquire a basic education & practice, lasts for 1 year. Along with 1-year course Cosmetique is offering short courses on Cometic Dermatology & Cosmetic surgeries that include, non- invasive,minimally invasive & invasive procedures / surgeries. Complete Module has been shared with candidates and will be shared further on demand.


The purpose of the study program of Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology – is to provide students with professional education and expertise in the field of dermatology & Cosmetic dermatology. Students need to learn specific areas of importance primarily for cosmetic profession, and partly dermatology, to acquire specific skills and methods of work and research in the field of cosmetic dermatology and to prepare them for independent and team work, critical thinking and making the right decisions to solve problems in the profession, as well as further improvement of cosmetic dermatology and pharmaceutical profession. Graduate student is able to understand the national & international legislation in the field of cosmetic dermatology and to apply them in practice after graduation. Also, the student is able to apply acquired knowledge in cosmetic ingredients, the physiology of the skin, dermatology


The primary objective of Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology is education of highly competent professionals for specific tasks in the field of dermatology & Cosmetic dermatology. Also, training for specific skills and methodology needed for work in the field of cosmetic dermatology , both independently and as a part of a teamwork, critical thinking and making of independent decisions, providing additional knowledge in the field of cosmetic dermatology and related disciplines (pharmacy, dermatology), which are necessary for monitoring and evaluation of development of cosmetic profession. Development of creative skills, and training to professional problems, is achieved by accepting the possibility of continuing education and advancement in the field of cosmetic dermatology profession. Acquisition of high competence, academic knowledge and practical skills in the field of cosmetic dermatology, primarily related to introduction the candidates with the characteristics and the application of cosmetic ingredients and approaches to the formulation, development and testing of cosmetic products and dermo cosmetic products that meet modern requirements for quality, safety and efficacy. Certification by Institute Cosmetique, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan shall be provided to the students completing courses, allowing students to pursue further professional practice


 Description of general and course-specific student competencies by completing the degree program of studies, Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology, a student acquires professional education and becomes an expert in the field of Dermatology & cosmetic dermatology. The student is able to understand the national and international regulations in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology and is able to apply them in practice. The candidate is, based on the acquired knowledge in dermatology & cosmetic dermatology, skin physiology and selected chapters of dermatology, qualified for the certification.


Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology last one (1) year and are carried out in four (4) semesters. The curriculum of the study program includes the schedule of the courses the total of active learning classes and courses description. Reading material shall be provided and pre and post module tests are part of the training course. In case of failure, you may need to repeat the module at a discounted special price for repeaters.

Depending upon module, 10-15 patients under supervision & guidance of faculty will need to be observed assisted or performed by the candidate gradually and will be charged for procedure

Patients will be brought in by the candidate gradually and will be charged for procedures by the Cosmetique Institute at regular patient charges


 Study program Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology is aligned with similar respected American & European programs. The level of representation of certain subject areas cosmetic dermatology , medicinal dermatology), the scope and content of the courses offered at the study program, as well as ways of organizing teaching, is comparable with the corresponding educational programs on foreign, especially American higher education institutions. Students are thus ensured for equal participation in both local and international, multidisciplinary professional research and development projects, as well as the possibility of further academic development through doctoral studies.


In accordance with needs of the profession in the course studies Cosmetique’s Cosmetic Dermatology enroll students who meet the requirements stipulated in the Regulations of the specialized academic studies, and only M.B.B.S doctors registered in PMDC shall be eligible for enrollment at Institute Cosmetique. The number of students enrolled in the course are determined by the general plan for study programs of the faculty. The head of Human Resource & faculty will ensure that the list of admitted candidates adopts the terms & conditions and maintaining respect level of the facility by following instructions and guidelines of the trainers.


Evaluation of students is done by monitoring the professional student work on the basis of:

Number of cases brought by the student to the facility
Communication between teachers and students was achieved through mentoring

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 For teaching & practice implementation within the course program in Dermatology & cosmetic dermatology , Faculty has adequate space, multiple branches, laboratory & pharmacy for training & practical classes, library stocked books, textbooks, manuals, scientific and professional journals, etc. Within the faculty there is adequate room for all facilities Wi-Fi etc. Faculty has the equipment for video conference call that allows monitoring of the distance learning. To perform the study program, the necessary number of teachers, assistants/associates teaching assistants and technical staff is engaged


 In order to control the quality of the program Dermatology & cosmetic dermatology it was enured implementation of the established standards and procedures for evaluation of the quality of a study program through program evaluation during the study. The quality control of the study program is carried out periodically through self-assessment and through HR. The quality control program of study provided the active participation of the students and their evaluations of program quality.


Models will be provided by cosmetique.
In case a participants wants to bring their own models/
patients, 30,000 PKR per patient will be charged

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